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Female Domintion and Small Penis Humiliation and Cuckolding Advice Books and E-Books

My Books/ E-Books for the Discriminating Female Dominant and the submissives who love us.

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 Over the years I've started quite a few Female Domination websites. I started sharing things online years ago partly for my own exhibitionist desires, to flout societal conventions (one of my ways to give the middle finger to the patriarchal establishment and the anti-sex, pro-censorship crowd) and so forth. Anyhow, I have hours and hours of my personal homemade videos just sitting here. So, I decided to offer it on Clips4Sale.

I have various girlfriends that have high sex drives that have some "sexual anger" issues with men who enjoy my "tutoring" them in spanking, caning, and discipline and more intimate acts of sexual dominance such as ball busting, forced face sitting, forced oral service after punishment, cuckoldry etc. All of those videos are on my Clips4 Sale Store as well. Anyhow...here it is.

Vanessa Chaland Cuckoldress Ball Busting Spanking Humiliation Author and Kinky Sex Furniture Designer 

Vanessa Chaland Squirting Pussy and Female Domination Author

Bondage chair and Queening chair for kinky sex which you can build with purchase of BDSM furniture building instructions.   Erotic Sex Furniture for Dominant Women and submiissve men. 

Quick, Cheap and Easy - Do it Yourself Erotic Furniture Designs

 Queening Chairs, Rimming Chairs and/or Spanking Bench building instructions and /or downloadable video are provided by my site. Each individual piece cost about $75 to make and only took a few hours. Sites that offer pre-made furniture charge $500 and up so do it yourself is really a very good deal. All chair designs are originals by me. I design them, perfect them, and of course my favorite part, testing and using them.  In addition to other kinky activities (a long list), I really love queening, rimming and face sitting, but lengthy face sitting sessions are often not as comfortable as they should be. Legs and lower back get tired,  you can have reduced circulation and leg cramps. We want to be able to lounge in comfort while our sub provides oral service....enter the queening chair. 

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My books are  formatted for Kindle devices, Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac,



 Blackberry, Android-based devices.  Paperback versions are through CreateSpace. 




The Cuckold Hotel La Cornudo Albergo



FemDom Training of Submissive Males 



Cuckold Letters: Evolution of a Cuckoldress



FemDom Evolution: I Became Sexually Dominant For Tongue



Cuckold Journal: Wet Options: Cuckold Letters II The Married Years



Queening and Facesitting Chair Designs of FetishFurnitureFactory.com



Dominant Women: Where and How to Meet the FemDom of your Dreams


Squirter's Paradise: Female Ejaculation! Wet musings on owning your body's sensual gushing gifts!









Queening Chairs and Fem-Dom Symbolism.


One thing I love about queening chairs is the symbolism they represent. For anyone


 that lives a Female Dominant lifestyle, certain items, are like a photo in that a picture speak a


 thousand words. A queening stool is a ‘stand alone’ piece of furniture and its very existence


 dictates a great deal.


It is singularly functional. It exists for the purpose of a dominant woman to receive oral pleasure


 from her submissive. It does not double as a dining room chair, a bed or foot stool, one would


 never stand on it to change a light bulb.


They are treated with almost a type of reverence and even awe to some people. A submissive


 wandering through a home, a website, a magazine that came across a queening chair would often


 feel a quickening of the pulse, perhaps butterflies in their stomach, a tightness in their chest and


 of course a stirring in their loins.



The immediate thought is that of a dominant woman seated regally there, her intimate sex organs


 splayed and accessible. Her scent, her juices are just a couple inches away should he/she be


 allowed to lie beneath it.


Its like a queens throne in some quarters. She is seated above her submissive. She is in a Female


 Superior position, and her submissive must now lie beneath her on the floor to perform what


 many feel is a most disgusting and humiliating task.



She may temporarily smother him. She may (as I do) squirt her come on his face and into his


 mouth. She may order him to perform analingus on her. Being a fully grown, educated and


successful adult, and being ordered to lick someone's ass must be demeaning on some levels.


I love that aspect, simply love it. :)






Love Cuckold Letters!!!!”. (Reader feedback/question)


I downloaded the e version and I can’t stop reading. It is such great insight into the beginnings of


 your relationship. It is fascinating to see cocky’s reluctance yet acceptance.

Were you sure he would accept everything or were you willing to lose the relationship if he did not


 accept it on your terms? Thank you sharing such intimate emails.


s**** b****


sissy brian,

Thank you for your kind words and support. I appreciate it very much. It was complicated putting


 this book together so its so nice to know that other people appreciate my efforts.

To answer your question, no I was not really that worried about losing the relationship. For one


 reason, it was still very new so chances were it would have ended for other reasons anyhow. The


 beginning of the book is roughly about 4 months or so after the time we met.

Secondly, he protested quite a bit (and still does) but when he does his dick is hard. So his


 argument is not real convincing right? :)

As I’ve said many times (and mention to him in my book) what a man often says means little


 compared to what his physical reactions “say”. Now obviously I am not talking about all males.



I knew that cocky was a bit submissive in some ways to a certain type of woman. In addition to


 other reasons, a “knowing” woman can just tell the difference between a guy being sweet because


 he wants inside her pants and one that is truly compliant to the whims of a dominant type




 So for “that” type of guy, she can sort of gauge his reactions to her orders or suggestions by his


 sexual arousal.


If his heart and mind is telling him not only no (but HELL NO) but he has a hard on, well this


 showed me that his desire to please me overruled any aversion to certain acts I desired. Its sort of


 a “Pavlovs Dogs” type of training or behavioral therapy. That might sound harsh or blunt, but it


 really means his desire to submit to me meant that his aversion to some acts was eventually


 worn down by his urge to please. Or more simply put, I made his “little head” overrule his “big


 head" and eventually wore him down. :)



I enjoy surprising my husband with comments and questions totally out of the blue. Say for


 instance we might be driving somewhere (the store, gym, wherever) talking about politics, or


 farmland tenants, home renovations and then “Boom” I’ll ask him what my lovers sperm tasted


 like the last time I cuckolded him and ordered him to lick it off of me?


Questions……Such as was it a sticky mess? Was it hard to swallow? Was it salty? Was it better


 or worse than (inserting another lovers name here) sperm tasted? The interrogation before, during


 and after his showing “respect” to my lovers sperm. The sperm milked from the mans balls who


 just fucked his wife. “Was it thick sticky, clingy, gloppy?” Was it easier to swallow this time"?


I enjoy and revel in his anxiety. Anxiety when unrolling my lovers condom after a date. Seeing his


 initial relief at what appears to be a small amount of my lovers sperm in it, and then watching


 his facial expressions change upon the disgusting realization that its more than expected and that


 its thick and going to be hard to choke down.


The bizarre thing is it’s the same every time. His leaking cock while he gags and complains. His


 protests are real, yet his erection belies at least one part of his opposition. His mind says “No”,


 but his penis and desire to please says “Yes”.